Tropical Leaves

First session


First things first we’ll talk!

About you, your goals, expectations, dreams, our process and just life! This one is on me.

Grunge Texture

In depth session



  • Client intake form

  • Your health and lifestyle history

  • Your goals and stressors identification

  • Your personal outline

  • Two live workouts (Zoom or IRL) + fitness coaching

  • One month of unlimited support from me via texts, zooms, emails, DMs etc. with practical application and tools need to reach your dream goal: custom meal plan suggestion, fringe and pantry overhaul, grocery shopping list, restaurants tips and tricks, recipes ideas, stress management techniques, clean beauty suggestions, lifestyle tweaks etc.

Rock Formation

The Dash Program


If you decide to stick with me for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, The DASH program has it all:

In depth 360 nutrition, wellness, fitness support

Weekly 30 minutes calls to follow up on your progress, fix what’s not working, create strategies.

4 live workouts per month (Zoom or IRL) + fitness coaching

Updated personal outline

Doctors, testing labs, bodyworkers etc. referrals if needed

Tropical Leaves

The Dash program is based on bio individuality, 360 degrees approach to nutrition, health, lifestyle, mindset with you in the center.