___is fun

Recently i came across this cool concept of a "magazine in a box": "_____Is Fun cannot be purchased, only shared. Fashion and art, experienced through the act of giving. We offer you this first edition, and you then invite someone else to receive the next one along with you. Serendipity, experimentation and community, all rooted through a creative, subtle engagement that begins with one and expands ever outward. A growing constellation of joy over time as a tactile reminder that we all share something in common: curiosity.

_____Is Fun is the reconsideration of luxury as a gift, because it is fun to create our own rules. The greatest rebellion is to be as real as possible. Let's discover together."

The site itself is full of short videos, artwork and quotes like this: "FAMILY ____IS FUN Three expressions of family: the family you have, the family you create and the family you find". Or this "SMILING ____IS FUN Because fashion can be fun". Because why take yourself too seriously?!


Thank you!