TheDashbody Method 

My approach to holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle revolves around finding what works for unique you. Whether you need to balance out the hormones, heal the gut, debloat, rise the energy levels, revive your relationship with food, seek nourishment and support and feel the best way possible both mentally and physically, theDashbody method does it all.

         First things first we’ll talk!​
About you, your goals,​expectations, dreams, our process and just life! This one is on me.

Nature Tokens

Re-Dash Your Nutrition

Should i go vegan? Is keto good for you? WHat is IF (asking for a friend)? I gotcha!

Let's review your eating habits, preferences and goals to optimize your health and lifestyle.

After i'm done with my homework and you are done with yours:)

you'll receive your personalized tweaks, tips and tricks for healthier and happier you!

Done and done!

Field of Flowers

Need help navigating all the labs?

I provide recs, faqs and order the top tests based on your needs and location.



Your health and lifestyle history


Your goals and stressors identification


Your personal outline


fitness coaching/suggestions


Weekly Check ins via Zoom/email


practical application and tools


you need to reach your dream goal:


custom meal plan suggestion


fridge and pantry overhaul


grocery shopping list


restaurants tips and tricks


recipes ideas


stress management techniques


clean beauty suggestions and lifestyle

tweaks etc.


First Session

White Sand

12 weeks program

Labs Curator