Nutrition Coaching



I offer functional nutrition and movement coaching through 1-1 online sessions. We take a holistic, 360 degree approach to healing and optimizing the body in individualized way.

can you help me with...


  • Gut issues (from IBS and SIBO to bloating and gas and leaky gut syndrome and everything in between)

  • Hormonal imbalances (PSOS, thyroid imbalances etc.)

  • Autoimmune conditions (Hashimoto's, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, celiac disease etc.)

  • Blood sugar imbalances (sugar cravings, mood swings, difficulty losing weight, brain fog, etc.)

  • Optimizing your health and wellness (we'll discuss how the environment and your lifestyle choices influence your health, skin and even gut.)

  • And many other modern life imbalances and issues 

Please note, i don't diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease, order and/or prescribe treatments. What i do is offer behavior changes and motivation to provide personalized guidance and accountability in areas like nutrition, exercise, mindfulness.

what is the process?


We start with a free consultation to decide if there is a good fit between me and you. Then when we start working together, we'll go through your comprehensive health and lifestyle history and determine your goals. After that you'll receive a personalized guide and roadmap with practical applications and functional labs suggestions how to achieve them. We'll talk some more about what lifestyle, diet, exercise improvements and stress management techniques work for you based on the test results, your complaints and health history. You will learn many ways of health optimization, body healing and longevity! And, remember, i'm here for you all the way through this process.

Nutrition Coaching

Money talk (asking for a friend😉)

Nutrition Coaching


While i don't offer a refund after you signed up, we can always find a way to work it out! 

For the 12 week program, i offer either one payment in full of $2100 or three payments of $725. 

For Re-Dash Your Nutrition and Labs Curator there are no refunds.

More questions?


Total labs cost is due in full to ship them out and start the process.

No dietary advice is given at the time of the "Labs Curator" program as that is a separate plan of action (''12 weeks program").

Labs Curator includes one test interpretation + one evaluation and explanation of a previous test (if needed) from a functional medicine perspective: for example, you did blood work with your doctor and everything "looks normal", we'll go through the results from a functional medicine POV.

If we determine that you need more than 3 tests, you will receive 15% off our Labs Curator service.

If you have further questions about the lab results, you have an option to set up a 30 minutes long appointment for $100.

Nutrition Coaching