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No make up Makeup

Clean beauty brand ILIA
Ilia - clean beauty makeup and skincare

I sometimes use affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. make a purchase) after clicking on these links, I’ll earn some latte money so I can be more focused and create more helpful content for awesome people like you.

I rarely wear wake up and with corona the amount of days when i actually put something besides skincare products and masks on my face was closer to zero. But i do love brands that make me look fresh and glowing from within (although a clean diet plays a huge role in this as well!) and more importantly they contain safe ingredients.

One of this company is Ilia that "believes that clean beauty is about more than just leaving out harsh chemicals and toxins. It's about adding skin-healing, organic, natural ingredients while still achieving buildable, wearable hues. Brilliant color. Thoughtfully made."

They create vibrant shades using hydrating formulas and organic botanicals so "you can naturally highlight what makes you you." -Sasha Plauvsic, Ilia Founder. No more covering up the skin in heavy makeup trying to achieve a natural look, it's time use the products that nourish and heal and accentuate your healthy looking and radiant skin.

Extra points for the sleek packaging, crafted from recycled aluminum.



Thank you!

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